Venture to Bermuda and Bermuda (Video) Shorts

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Quick Reference
Maps that kept disappearing from the visitor's center (zoom in):



Great Bermuda attractions site, Wikipedia, and CIA World Factbook

Views Onboard
So, we finally arrived at tax haven Bermuda! Unfortunately, this was also during a very hot and humid period, so that greatly reduced the pleasure. I am an anomaly in that I don't really like traveling anymore, sorry (see cruise post).

The city of Hamilton

Catherine Zeta Jones's house is somewhere

Day 1 - Hamilton, the Only City in Bermuda and Near Heat Strokes
Since our grandma was slow, and the heat wasn't dry, we walked a few blocks before complaining and heading back to the ship. Still, we managed to see City Hall and target any places with strong air conditioning like the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Woah, a clock!


Urban development

Note: This is a post of epic length, and many are too unfocused to read anything in its entirety including myself on occasion, but I strongly suggest that you click read more anyways for better materials.

Culture and Bermuda Shorts Report

Bermudian police car

Yes, it is true that many businessmen wore Bermuda shorts with a dress shirt, tie, and high socks, which makes sense due to the sweltering weather. It still looked very professional. Also, perhaps due to different cultures and outlooks, the people seemed much more relaxed living in a natural paradise even though some disparity exists. People of different races seemed to live much more harmoniously and respectfully unlike the current issues in America.

Day 2 - To Fort St. Catherine and Cheesy Beach Photos Galore

A view from the parking lot (surprisingly) of Fort St. Catherine


Looks like the moors from dramatic British TV series

A beach 1

A beach 2

Winding trail

Bay 1

Bay 2

Idyllic dock

Idyllic waters and sailboat

Like a patio painting, en plein air


To appreciate life and nature

Salty water

Pictures With Me in Them

Lol 1

Lol 2

Gombey Dancers on Cruise
As featured in the first video, Bermudian Gombey dancers rallied on the cruise and had a dance-off with some members of the audience.




Day 3 - To Royal Naval Dockyard and Farewell

I think part of why the locals are so relaxed because places as mundane as parking lots are surrounded by stunning and calming blue water.

So, the Clocktower Mall as featured in the video had interesting old-style architecture with arches.

The road taken

Cute stuffed Gombey dancers

I only took this at the street fair because he looked like someone from the Northeastern business school. I guess he also moonlights as a magician in Bermuda.

Guess who?

Well, we returned to port.

Bye! Censored for Internet privacy

Family photo, I know this looks really funny

A special thanks is due to Quinton, the passionate taxi driver, who said in his measured tone, "Now, you've seen my beloved island. I was born here, raised here, and love it!" Now, we made our way back to Boston.

Thanks to Quinton the taxi driver, he said that we saw the small island in pretty much its entirety, which I share in video 1 and video 2!