No Name Restaurant

Not shady at all

On 6/14, we went to No Name to celebrate something that happens only once in a lifetime: our lively grandma's 86th birthday. Arriving at the Seaport District, a redeveloped, gentrifying, and magnificent feat of urban planning with inviting public spaces and views of Boston Harbor, we found parking in a fishy-looking pier. With aisles of nondescript businesses only described by a plain sign, this pier looked like something from a mafia movie, where the strong fishy smell probably masked the decay of a bullet-ridden body (just kidding!).

The enigmatically named No Name is apparently a historical fixture from 1917. I don't normally care about the interior of a restaurant since I'm there for the food, but it was appropriately nautically-themed with the typical wooden interior, nets, and rescue circles that try to impress a John F. Kennedy sailing feel. Anyways, our moderately large group sat on the first floor by the glass windows with views of the water and, ironically, Legal Seafood, which was packed and too mainstream.

Simple 1-page menu, I like this over the reams at many Chinese restaurants

There was also a seagull slowly strutting down the pier runway with its strong stick legs, but I didn't take a picture.

The Food - Starting with Appetizers

So, the complimentary garlic bread didn't have much juice and tasted like dry garlic bread, which is fair since that wasn't the main attraction. The cole slaw was also like cole slaw and slightly below par. However, the generous helpings of fries were very satisfying with the right amount of crisp and salt. The seafood chowdah (excuse my half-genuine accent) was also good and mostly runny versus creamy.

The Seafood
Lobster orders came with gently batter-fried shrimp and scallops bedded on addictingly good and tangy-tasting tarter sauce, even if its color is yellowish-green as some Yelp! reviewers described. (I'm not oblivious to the 2.5 stars bad rating, but I like this restaurant overall.)

This lobstah went to Hahvad

The boiled lobstah was teenager-sized and succulent, but, then again, it's almost impossible to screw up a boiled lobster. My brother unwillingly surrendered part of his steak, which was very bland and definitely not this seafood restaurant's forte. The fish seafood platter was good with a variety of oily omega-3 fish, which I like, and went well with the tasty wild rice platters.

The crown jewel of our order

However, the fried clams were the most intriguing and favored item. They were runny with delicious, slightly bitter juice and chewiness that dissolved with the batter on the tongue. I would recommend this.

Well, we left with full stomachs, and tip was included in the receipt, although I felt a bit like I was having a "salt attack" since the fries and this type of food are high sodium to match the ocean water.