I Wanted to Be Heath Ledger or Jackie Kennedy for Halloween

I didn't end up dressing as anything in 2014 besides myself, which is already pretty scary (haha!).

Many people imagine a good Heath Ledger costume as the Joker, but I wanted to be Heath Ledger from Brokeback Mountain since I happened to have a similar-looking cowboy jacket and was emotionally moved by the romance in the movie.

Friend's mash-up / artist rendering

Alternatively, visiting the beautifully nautical and architecturally interesting Kennedy Museum at UMass Boston only helped solidify my superficial fascination with the Kennedies. Then again, who isn't interested in the political family with the unfortunate Kennedy curse also taking JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette from the gossip rags?

I was intrigued by the character and many faces of Jackie Kennedy, who suffered tragedy but reemerged marrying Aristotle Onassis. A mysterious and elegant person hid behind the large sunglasses. Her voice is extremely delicate and soothing in her famous White House tour, probably belying many vulgar secrets and heartache during JFK's tenure. Why do so many historically important assassinations like MLK seem like impromptu and incomplete stories?

After someone asked my reasoning behind why I wanted such an unusual costume, my joking words spilled out: "I wanted to be the epitome of grace, elegance, and poise." This was in reference to the late Jackie O.

I played an obscure children's trading card game in middle school, and an extremely overpowered character named Jackie Cr provided some influence.