Peach Farm Restaurant

On 5/26, we went to Peach Farm in Boston's cloistered Chinatown to celebrate a birthday. I have been to so many Chinese restaurants sometimes repeatedly and not many other types since my family mostly patronizes them out of familiarity and comfort, and the restaurants are usually not good deals compared to other delicious cultural fares and cuisine. Hey, it's whatever floats their dragon boat!

Peach Farm was unique, or maybe because I started taking pictures now, in its delivery of authentic Chinese food. However, it suffered from the native culture syndrome where the food just wasn't as good as food in the homeland, and I try to disbelieve the location effect since people think Apple makes high-quality products even though they are made in China. However, with Chinese food, it really tastes better in China, and I will describe how.

Pictured are, to the best of my fuzzy memory, Peking duck, spicy fried shrimp, oysters, and some pork meat thingy. For some reason, the Peking duck tasted more stale, less fresh, and more plain than in China, but it was still satisfactorily good.

This was probably the largest oyster I've ever seen, and it was fluffy.

For a new view, going from noon clockwise, there is saucy pork, Cantonese-style lobster with ginger and scallion, soft shell crab, a vegetable, soy sauce chicken, and clams. Unfortunately, since my food excursions are out of order, I don't fully recall my feelings and opinions on the food beside considering that it passes as Chinese food. So, I guess this post is more of an unfortunate, short-run pictures dump rather than a good review. Well, enjoy anyways!