Pithy, Artsy Shorts

The best things to write in the middle of the night when one can't sleep are as postmodern as the fleeting, anonymous, and selfish cars outside. Drivers and machine make their way to either fruitfulness or desolation; their lights leave no trail.

Beautiful Fool
A beautiful fool, enraptured and enamored with a shiny object that is his ideals, casts only a shadow of effectiveness. His ideals have crystallized to a magnetic end, but the shiny object is the opposite polarity as the beautiful fool. He can run and try to reach but is constantly and inevitably repelled by impossibility. He is just that: a dogmatic, beautiful fool.

High Touch
When slogging through thick mud with the texture of too many ideas, one struggles through imagining that one will reach enjoyment and relief at the end, but the mud is continuous; it will never end. It is a barren, monotonous field. On the bottom at the feet is the quicksand of too many goals. One cannot choose to be swallowed and enveloped without a strange will.

To want but to not need
To admire but not receive
To enthuse but not be pleased
And to indulge without greed
These are all elements of antagony