The Value of a Day

McDonald's in Times Square, not my photo

I’m sure all of us have experienced some days that are more positive than others, or even some days that are more profitable than others. Not to create stress, but to evaluate the maximum value of day, I conjure thoughts of a large multinational corporation.

Let’s say a company like McDonald’s has around $27 billion in yearly revenue. Dividing by 365 and disregarding holidays off, that’s about $74 million in average daily global revenue with a net profit margin of 17.34% in 2014. This implies that good or bad shocks can be virtuous or devastating especially with how efficient markets are today; I’m sure there is a lot of pressure for an ad launch to be successful and viral, while a scandal or bad earnings can easily take a few notches off market capitalization.

However, with less pressure, let’s estimate the average life expectancy of an American as of now at 79 years. That’s about 28,835 days of which we have lived a varying portion of it. Thus, I think a day is quite valuable! I think of Steve Job’s various enlightening quotes on life and mortality.