A Different Kind of Success

Not me in photo, I'm not that curvy and feminine (I hope)

Is anyone else really inspired by very smart people and/or people who became surprisingly successful from modest means? I feel that drive and hard work are parts of the essence of America. Still, America has one of the highest inequalities among developed nations, so realistic expectations are important since most people aren't likely to become obscenely rich, including myself. Therefore, I think success in happiness and efficiency are important too.

Humans are relative creatures who think at the margin, so while the average American citizen is much better off than the average citizen of the world, we are surrounded by media that frequently touts wealth and conventional success. Furthermore, friends, neighbors, and strangers may be better off, and people tend to form friendships on similarity despite America being a relatively egalitarian society. Despite these adverse trends, I think success should ideally be personally defined.

I thought this short article by Marilyn vos Savant was an interesting read, and you might too: "Achieving Your Potential"

Ah, the joys of being an idealist millennial whose views may shift in the future…