Please Take at Your Leisure : )

What goodies are inside Pandora's box?

It's move-out season, and I think what's left in the "Please Take at Your Leisure : )" box at Kennedy Hall illustrates the desperation. Initially, there were garbage bags for packing, but those were all taken like they were free handbags on Oprah. This is, truly, the tragedy of the commons.

Let's look at what's left from donors and benefactors: silica gel, gluten-free rice cakes, a ketchup pack, peanut butter from our room, and an empty bag of beef jerky. The last one requires a, "Seriously?" as the donor was probably too lazy to walk a few more steps to the basement trash cans, or someone ate it all in cold blood. Truthfully, I would be irrationally afraid of eating that and the big tinfoil loaf labeled "Panera Bread" that was eventually taken. I also considered taking all the exotic Lipton teas, but I was wary of the sugary ingredients. Later, they were gone.

Clearly, I am not asking for better freebies but merely musing on economics and the transitivity of life through a cardboard box of invalids and half-disposables. Would you like some silica gel with your gluten-free rice cakes and peanut butter?

The joy of cleaning my dorm