I Don't Like Blogs About Blogging

First, I am reluctant to call myself a blogger due to mysteriously negative connotations. However, there is a certain breed of blogs run by intelligent, opportunistic people who capitalize on the moderately dead but never fully-dead allure of blogging. They mostly sell pipe dreams which can be seen in many shady industries like penny stocks, covered call writing (which can work I guess), and the lottery.

I may sound like a spited person because I am not a successful blogger, although that can't be expected for a website two weeks old, and I will test basic monetization strategies in the future. However, my website's main purposes will probably be to advertise future services and allow me to write as a hobby.

I'm sure some people end up successful. SOME. However, in the mostly competitive Internet marketplace, this is like selling hopium or, as the phrase goes, "shovels to gold prospectors" during the Gold Rush. That is an intelligent business idea.

Monkeys at the zoo

However, the image of the super-successful blogger used to market crap is like the monkey who takes a crap on all the other monkeys by taking their money through ebooks, courses, and other paraphernalia. I'm not saying that the value of blogs about blogging is completely worthless, but the majority of the time it is. They provide unrealistic expectations with most of their attractiveness coming from the fantasy they sell, and only a fraction of vocal supporters experience strong gains.

My advice is that for small-scale websites, don't buy any advice unless it has essential value-added as most information can be found for free on the Internet even if provided in piecemeal by the blogs about blogging. The irony is that I just made a blog post about blogging and that there may be tinges of hypocrisy, but I prefer blogs with different purposes.