"Beast Mode" - Turn Off Animations in Windows 8 and Android

She turned off animations.

If you are a free spirit who flies like a hummingbird and don't want to be encumbered by animations or suffer motion sickness from badly-rendered 3D, then consider turning off animations in your Windows 8 and Android.

Windows 8
For Windows 8, there are two components to turn off animations. First, I think it is more convenient to use the search shortcut Windows+S rather than swiping manically with the mouse or touchscreen and searching for "PC settings." Open the Metro "PC settings" app version, and go to "Ease of Access." (I guess Microsoft has no other place to put this than the new Disability Settings.) Go to "Other options," and turn "Play animations in Windows" off.

Next, search (Windows+S) "View advanced system settings," and click on "Settings..." under "Performance" to get to Visual Effects. Here are my minimal preferred settings that I find provide the least frictional issues:

For Android, here is a more complete guide by How-To Geek. Basically, if Developer Options aren't available, activate them by going to "About Device," and keep tapping "Build Number" until they appear. Then, in Developer Options, turn off "Window animation scale," "Transition animation scale," and "Animator duration scale."

It may take some adjustment to what now seems like a jerky lack of motions, but you'll probably find your productivity, battery life, and Sonic the Hedgehog need-for-speed aided.