The Principles Behind This Site

Sometimes people focus and concentrate deeply only to regrettably abandon the state of mind that led to such creativity. However, a fresh slate can provide new perspectives in approaching an issue.

Since I am virtually done with the layout of this site, I want to recall the principles that led to its design. This will allow future consideration of the prevailing thoughts and purposes.

This Basic Site's Design Principles

Simplicity – Since Steve Jobs and co. made minimalism in vogue, it is interesting to design for less rather than stuffing with more marginally useful features. This also makes life easier for users and myself. I don’t know why, but there is a certain clarity in minimalism that reminds me of Buddhist meditation and exotic histories.

Functionality – With minimalism in mind, I still wanted basic modern web functionalities like sharing present in an intuitive way (I hope I this doesn’t sound too much like an Apple commercial).

Interest – I wanted to call this principle “fun,” but interest seemed more appropriate. Hopefully, this website will be interesting.

Dynamism – Due to the both exciting and unsettling prospect that several things change daily like asset prices, it’s important that there is a certain activeness and system for updates.

Robustness – At risk of sounding like a supply chain person, I think that this component is extremely important as I wanted to construct a strong, lasting framework that can handle what I intend. This includes space for posts about virtually anything. Keen people may recognize traces of Blogger, which I admittedly used as the base. Hey, it’s a personal website, not an insanely complex startup with a ridiculous valuation.

Of course, I didn’t note all the details and rationales because that is giving away the recipe. Nonetheless, it helps to have a basic framework and constitution in mind.