Melodramatic Melancholic Melange

Meh... This semester is going downhill faster than RadioShack or Blockbuster stock. I wasted most of my time this semester on a currently fruitless co-op hunt, going to "networking" ""events"" (if providing pizza and a boring presentation can be called that) that attracted more accounting students than you can shake a spreadsheet at, sort of like a bear at a honey or salmon farm, in which the Big 4 acted like they were God's gift to the world. Of course, probably the best thing I got out of going to the majority of events for no reason was other than to open my eyes to how competitive and cutthroat the world is, where there are like 50 applications for some jobs. In addition, most of the presentations were about things like company benefits with them knowing very well that they were going to take only like 10% of the people there as interns.

To add to the generalized discontent and malaise, I got an 80 in a jazz (!) exam in which I didn't know that so many rote names flushed out of my head would be tested, which is even lower than the 82 on my intermediate accounting exam. My GPA is going to take a hit, and I don't need to be a financial analyst to predict that.

On top of group projects and continually confusing accounting homework that makes one want to rip hair out (which should carefully not be done because the accountants I've seen don't seem to age well), I am dissatisfied with the nothingness and vortex of this semester that makes me pray for an angel. That angel, of course, is the winter snow angel. Winter break!

I hold on to my accounting double major because I've gone too far in the woods, in which I only need 3 more classes, of which hopefully at least 2 are more understandable and relatable, and for the stable prospects and background it provides. Anyways, I jumped from the leaky ship and switched my co-op cycle to next semester. Whatever.

It takes a certain masochism to study accounting, knowing that studying the dark arts will be difficult and time consuming. Some say that college is supposed to be the best 4 (or 5 for NU) years in your life. I am in the camp that strongly, wholeheartedly disagrees. If the best years of your life ended when you were 22-23ish, then the rest of your life must suck. Also, you are probably majoring in a soft science that I would major in too (no subjects named to avoid accidentally offending anybody) if I were an independent trust fund baby.

This semester of challenges caused me to search for more perspective, meaning, and comfort that I will overcome to reach December 18th and start a new semester of classes and prospects. I am missing out heavily and strongly on what I want to do and who I want to become. Instead, I follow and blend in with the black suit herd stampede.

I have searched for meaning in ridiculous things which I will someday blog about. In my opinion, ranting is one of the top and most comforting uses of blogging as an art form (sarcasm). Considering that I rarely watch TV or play video games, I don't judge other people for their equally eccentric and pointless but personally interesting hobbies.

In the near future, I think I will get more of what I want in the direction of what I want through initiative, not through piled-on homework.