Random Food Post: (Lady) Gaga Seafood, Equator Thai, and the Sun Also Sets

I suppose that it is better to try 5 different places than to eat 5 times at the same place although I dislike eating out in general.

I have gotten mixed and foggy and with my mediocre food blog posts (it's one of the cornerstones of pointless blogs!), so I take pictures each time for the memory and to save from the repeat chance of going to the same place twice.

On 8/8/15, two lucky people had birthdays on an unbelievably numerically fortuitous day for Chinese people to be born. For those with superstitions or vibrations for tarot cards, Americans have 7, but make it 8, 88, and 888!

Also, my reviewing abilities have degenerated since I am no Zagat, Michelin, or even Yelp!, the last of which some people think is corrupt anyways, so I will just mindlessly list the food to save the thought. This returns to the original functional ergonomics and gastronomics of food: you just put it in your mouth and eat it!

So, we fittingly went to Chinatown, which sometimes seems like a seedy and shady part of Boston in the afternoon probably due to racial stereotypes of opium dens and triads. Luckily, I know nothing about those, but I do know a lot about Lady Gaga, which is not what the Gaga Chinese seafood restaurant was named after unfortunately.

From noon clockwise: clams with bed of rice noodles, fermented tofu vegetables, fried rice noodles, soft shell crab, crispy intestine, ginger and soy sauce lobster, batter-fried tofu, soy sauce chicken, and fried rice

Chinese seafood places often end with complimentary very small dessert, which is usually roughly translated "sugar water" red bean soup or, if cheap, orange slices

Next, to celebrate a successful sale, which admittedly is both lame for being only 1 but impressive for it being closed, we went to Equator Thai restaurant in South End on recommendation. Are Thai and Chinese food economic substitution goods? Who knows. Anyways, here are pictures. It was okay, admittedly.

Appetizers: mussels in tangy soup, winter shrimp, and crab cakes

Beef bulgoki, pad krapow chicken, lots of fried rice, and pad thais, oh my!

Of course, this time, as a lesson in humility and for good feng shui/karmic destiny, I had to foot the bill. I would wince at the amount of pizza and ramen it could buy, although I prefer rice. Rice is the best!

However, here is a picture of a beautiful sunset on a drive as to illuminating the uncertainties of where the road of life will take you.