My First House Sale and, Finally, the Elusive Driver's License

No, it was not a Lego or Barbie Dreamhouse

Most agents remember their first property sale vividly, including Fredrik Eklund detailing his in a chapter of The Sell. I would like to thank everyone involved Emmy-style, including even on the buyers' side, since there is a large group and multitudinous process involved just to close 1 transaction.

This was at the Cambridge Registry of Deeds near Lechmere on a sweltering and high-traffic Friday, 8/14/15. Going through the front scanners reminded me of my state and federal jury duties or the TSA, and several citizens were there for different purposes inside the winding and multipurpose courthouse. Jury duty, marriage licenses, closing attorneys, and other legal novations buzzed about inside the dimly lit, retro courtroom. Of course, being around  the literal closing table and handing the keys to the lovely family around the sweaty, high-powered lawyers and other home purchasers was energizing, inspiring, and as exciting as the architecture of going to a new airport.

I also made a fledgling real estate page for shameless self-promotion, although it is almost time for back-to-school!

A License to Drive
Oh yeah, I also tested for a driver's license the following day, and, after much growing pains, finally passed! It was a rough, coarse, and challenging 7 lessons of which I kept records of in my notebook, including when I watched the fun California DMV YouTube series for inspiration. I was so excited when this barrier and limitation, or, should I say from real estate, "contingency" was finally removed that I tipped $20 extra to my teacher/sensei for karmic purposes although she was already testing at least 45 people that hot weekend.

Who knows what the sunset of my karmic destiny holds in the future pipeline? Maybe I will be an accountant or financial person, everything, or something else entirely.