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Notice: As of April 2018, this page is kept for archive as my MA real estate license expired, and I need to decide whether or not to pony up the effort and $250 to renew it.

As a licensed full-service real estate agent for Proper Realty Group, I can provide a host of quality services.

Something that separates me from other agents is that I'm quite technocratic, such as if you enjoy this website; due to how everyone is busy, I can conduct most paperwork online through legally-binding eSign. This only makes our lives easier, because we're worth it! Maybe it's Maybelline Dickson He!

The rental process can be a big headache. I can be your genie like from I Dream of Jeannie to guide and give you more peace of mind whether if you are a student, professional, family, international, etc. <Feel free to browse> or contact me to tell me about the apartment you want!

Due to the fast pace of the metro Boston rental market, it is recommended that you bring an ID, 2 paystubs if working, and a checkbook just in case for fast deposits.

I can provide solid buyer representation and guide you through the process of finding your dream real estate, whether if you are a potential homeowner or investor. I also like to share my subject knowledge in various fields to help find what you need and be your advocate.

The company and I can provide many services to sell your home, including, among the proprietary services, marketing and a description written by yours truly. We will try to maximize exposure, including to websites like Zillow and Realtor, and in real life to get a good price according to your needs.

Real estate recognize real estate

“Can't believe this is your first transaction, as I said baptism by fire. You have done a great job, so you can tell (your seller) later that a top broker with 18 yrs experience said you were very professional and I was impressed with the way you conducted your side of the transaction." -seasoned broker

Here is my contact information again:

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I look forward to helping you with your real estate needs! Please share or tell others if you enjoyed my services.