Some Small Thoughts on Zero Hedge

In a meeting of Finance and Investment Club last semester, attendees were told a list of websites and blogs to keep up-to-date with finance and economics, including staples like MarketWatch. However, I found it peculiar but not inappropriate that the list also included Zero Hedge, a site that I follow and enjoy but that is also an economically divisive media outlet with libertarian leanings. It has a cult following akin to Fight Club from which it took inspiration, and I am admittedly a part of it since I try to glance over it daily.

Although I think Zero Hedge is a frequent "sky is falling" screamer that invariably recommends gold no matter how it performs (even though other hard assets would probably increase from mass inflation anyways), it nonetheless often provides sharp analysis that mainstream sources skim over. I think some of the opinions should be taken with a grain of salt especially in their dire predictions, but it provides a refreshing libertarian view and often distills the frequently intricate problems facing countries. These include public debt, inequality, political inefficacies, war, energy policy, and aging. Furthermore, it often advocates for the less visible average citizen who largely supports a countries’ backbone, while politically and financially important people dominate the mainstream news. I do find exposure to its political and economic debriefs much more stimulating, informative, and entertaining than browsing a gossip rag; hence, I think it deserves its high Alexa rating and a prominent place in my bookmarks.