Inspiring Songs

I find the following songs in Japanese, French, and English to be very moving, inspiring, and thought-provoking. At the very least, they make long subway commutes much less drab.

Miho Morikawa's "Yes! I Will"
This Japanese song is also the ending theme to one of my favorite obscure animes, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. However, as relatively obscure as this song and its origins are, it holds deep poetic meaning and inspiration for mistakes and pessimism:

(From translation)
"What should I do with this impatience deep in my heart?
I can't see the distant dream any more
I mutter and look up the sky
Beyond a falling star
The promise with you shines brightly

Try! Words of consolation are like winds that don't reach my heart
Even if I stumble or get lost, I will still have tomorrow"

Mylene Farmer's "Désenchantée"

As one of the Mylene Farmer's most prominent hits among her French songs, which I adore, "Désenchantée" captures general discontent in a darkly melodious way. I am struck by the chorus:

(From translation)
"Everything is chaos
By comparison
All of my ideals:
Damaged words...
I'm looking for a soul
Who will be able to help me
I am from
A disenchanted generation,

I remember a bit of the lyrics in French, and for malaise I think of the haunting utterings, "Désenchantée... Désenchantée..."

Satoko Ishimine's Beautiful Rendition of "The End of the World"
I referenced Skeeter Davis's "The End of the World" as the backdrop to my sappy post about leaving Northeastern for the summer. One of the YouTube recommended videos is a cover by Satoko Ishimine, an obscure Japanese artist. I think this version, though singular, enhances the sincereness of the song and is sung beautifully.