My Driving and Pop Culture Crisis

Update: I finally got a driver's license!

It has happened. I got a real estate license before I got a driver's license.

Not me, but my future??

As an MA resident and student at Northeastern, I relied on the T to get to convenient places around the city, so not having a driver's license was like a "cry me a river" situation. Sometimes, it's okay to be like a T.Rex without arms since they are like useless vestigial features, but being a real estate agent without a driver's license is like being a crippled T.Rex without legs. I'm thankful that my real estate company took me even with this glaring liability that I will resolve soon!

I'm hard at work and also preparing to get a driver's license. I know how to drive, okay, but failing the first time at the blasted Cambridge Armory with its horrible pass rate and my driving sensei telling me that I was "the worst driver he ever taught," and I asked to be even worse than the age 65+ people, left a remarkably horrid stain. I would have said, "Notice me, senpai!," but apparently I got noticed for bad reasons when the proctor claimed I almost crashed into a Honda Accord, which there is no way that this is true since real estate has a lot of litigation and it's not in my interest to crash and get my butt sued. I wasn't even close to touching that car! This reminds me of Harry Potter, "Ron Weasley, how dare you steal that car!"

My boss said his girlfriend also needs to be retaught driving even though she has a license since she got into a traumatic accident with a slight bump. I wouldn't have guessed that I was more of a menace on the road than a 65+ Asian lady, but I am very careful not to get into any accident or problems. This awkward driving situation also reminds me of my faux passes with pop culture when I was younger.

In elementary school, I read heavily and didn't watch the mainstream TV channels or listen to the music that others did. As such, I often confused Michael Jackson with Michael Jordan and thought that Tupac was pronounced "two-pack" and that he was still alive.

Now, after seeing an accident site in real life like Law and Order: SVU where a young adult girl crashed into a telephone pole on the sidewalk, which barely surpasses parking lot crashes, I hope that I will godspeed ahead with both my real estate and future driver's licenses.