I Got a B+ in Managerial Accounting

There is an urban legend among some that I am obsessed with accounting, and I do have obsessive tendencies. This sprung from the 1-credit personal skill development class where students had to make a 60-second elevator pitch and upload it to YouTube. Since I didn't have much to say for this cheesy and annoying assignment, I made a pseudo-stand-up script where the most memorable, oft repeated phrase by roommates and friends was, "ACCOUNTING!!"

Despite it being repeated like "BINGO!!" or "YAHTZEE!!," I must dispel my accounting obsession as merely an urban legend: not true, and especially not true after what conspired in ACCT2301 or managerial accounting. I got a B+.

It was my first-ever B in college thus far. This doesn't mean that I dislike accounting, but I wouldn't describe myself as obsessed even if I consider studying for the CPA in the future.

Like many students, I try to get good grades for various reasons. However, my conduct on the day of the final was mostly my fault and inexcusable. I will share what transpired and lessons learned, but hopefully this will not reflect on my character but show as an isolated incident of follies for everyone to learn from.

First, I was really hungry when I woke up late from continued napping, so I went to the school's Rebecca's Cafe during the heavy morning congestion. I was thinking, "Yeah, whatever, accounting is in my genes, and I'm already ranked 7th in this moderately difficult but scaled class." Well, that rank fell horribly through faster than Nixon after Watergate or a feather in a vacuum.

So, I walked in the lecture room late like a klutz with my French toast, eggs, and home fries and fumbled in my bag to discover, to my horror, that I left my calculators at my dorm for the bag to weigh less! Thankfully, I asked my teacher for his last personal calculator, which was a Staples 4-function piece of crap with impossible-to-press buttons that lead to many messed-up calculations.

The criminal himself

So, I tried to plow through the exam but ended up going very slowly since I didn't study for this final, thinking that it would be a piece of cake, but only the calculator buttons felt as if there was cake or fudge stuck underneath and needed several keystrokes to spring them. Having to press the buttons repeatedly under pressure was like pressing the supposed "close door" button on elevators when someone with a lot of cargo is coming and the elevator is already cramped.

Then, it became clearer from the thin air and anxiety in the room that this exam was much harder than the previous ones, and I could tell from a monster cash flow problem. I didn't find out that I got a 62 and my first-ever B until a few days after I moved out, but I learned for future reference to:

  • Be prepared and study.
  • Don't be overconfident.
  • Prepare for the worst.
  • Run a scenario/Monte Carlo analysis.
  • Bring a calculator.
  • Pre-eat.

I can't believe I finally posted this a month later!