Who Opened the Kennedy Hall Chamber of Secrets?

Maybe due to the anxiety of packing, mysterious graffiti appeared. I can't fully read what it says.

I'm pretty sure it says, "Working it hurts too much," but it could be "walking," "w*nking," or something else entirely. This cryptic phrase could be a Marxist critique or a warning, and the faded ruby-red strongly reminds me of the bloody messages from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

What could be in the Kennedy Hall Chamber of Secrets, if it exists: a body, functional vacuum cleaners, hidden money for renovations, or students who "disappeared"? I moved out already, so I'll never know.

Less facetiously, another round of graffiti appeared that says "ALF." Maybe it's a reference to an old sitcom I've never seen, some type of gang, a construction term that would make me say, "D'oh!" after studying real estate, or something blatantly obvious that I don't know. Who knows?

This architecture is so goffick.

Multiple occurences