Very Handsome Flight Attendant

Oh baby...

Once, on a plane back from Beijing to Newark Liberty Airport, there was a very handsome Chinese flight attendant. Of course, many flight attendants are above-average in attractiveness and hopefully not surgically-altered.

However, I saw a very handsome flight attendant whom I was too demure and thought it would be improper for me to keep looking. He was very masculine in an understated way with a big, strong build and broad shoulders. He was the type who would make ladies swoon when he handed out the biscuits, but luckily I think he served the other aisle as I did not want to break my poker face and die blushing like a tomato. I didn't look enough as I tried to avoid acting like a drooling dog and creeping everyone out during the safety demonstration, but I still have strong memory of that attractive and powerful aura.

Hetero- or homosexual, men and women like to look at beautiful people and things, sometimes out of comparison, intimidation, or admiration. This made me wonder, if only I were so blessed, would my life be that much more enjoyable or be a hedonistic hell where people immediately like me first for what's on the outside? Clearly, I was not destined to possess those traits, but I can only be smitten by great beauty. Also, I have no pictures because that would break the creepy and awkward barrier more than this post already, so following the "pics or it didn't happen" mantra, this didn't happen only because I have no pics.