Sneaking into Northeastern for Summer


You can take me out of Northeastern, but you can't take Northeastern out of me.

Thinking that I would have the thrill and excitement of being like a spy or like working on group projects in empty classrooms, I bought a 7-day T pass since I happened to need one that week anyways. To my surprise, the school wasn't nearly empty, although it was definitely not as bustling as a typical manic Monday of the semester.

Bulbous, beautiful flowers

The campus is in spring bloom although it is nearly summer, and I went to take advantage of my favorite facilities, Snell Library and the gym at Marino Center, where I pretty much only do old lady cardio while studying.

Do I lift? No, I don't. At least, I don't lift much besides textbooks, my man bag, and my smartphone camera.

I want an authentic Kokeshi doll

Check out those yellow plant thingies