Northeastern First Year Goodbyes

It seems like someone in charge has a Japanese fetish where there are several beautiful cherry trees and fallen blossoms around campus. Sayonara Northeastern, see you next semester!

The last time the school was so empty besides walking back from the library at 4 AM from non-academic things was during the days before winter break, when almost everyone moved out at staggered times. Since I was a little late as a slow packer, I traversed the empty streets like I survived a zombie apocalypse from 28 Days Later as seen in apocalypticism in film.

Now, before summer break, I experienced the desolation again walking in the morning. Since I'm always sappy and sentimental with goodbyes, I was reminded of the song:

"Don't they know, it's the end of the world...

It ended when you said, 'Good-bye...'"