My Current Writing Setup

This might be helpful for students or people who write frequently, and it relies on Google Keep. However, I won't provide the boring and secretive details of my content-tunneling system where I keep, in standard order, backups for the sake of backups, works-in-progress, and an assembly line queue (supply chain ftw!).

Google Keep, which has a small learning curve, allows text and other contents to be stored in the wonderful cloud. This allows access to basic notes from phone, tablet, or computer without the hassle and inconvenience of opening a Google Doc. It's a great, free app!

Currently, I find myself writing the most when cozily tucked into bed alone during the insomniac hours of the night. Maybe I'm talking to myself and imagining talking to someone else, which leads to writing! This definitely beats scribbling with mechanical pencil in the dark and waking up to cracked lead and illegible Wingdings or cuneiform.