Glowing Review of the Host Group

Normally, I have a bad habit of being reluctant to share valuable information for competitive reasons. However, I will remark on the real estate school I attended despite how one should ideally find one fitting for oneself by combing through the list. My experience at the Host Group was overwhelmingly positive except for the 10-hour lecture days, but those are mandated and not the school's fault.

First, I primarily picked a school based on price and location ironically like how most pick a house. The Host Group on Huntington Ave. is immediately accessible to Northeastern students and by T at Orange - Mass Ave. or Green E - Symphony. Price can't really be a consideration since, from managerial accounting and marginal choices, the price of 40 hours of live education at different schools is nearly the same. However, the Host Group has a great changing discount for 20% off (right now, it's for Tuesdays); considering that the class came bundled with the textbook probably out of the goodness of Dee's heart, value is not really a question as, jokingly but realistically, he said some tips would save the price of the class.

The Instructor
Dee Kumar is a great and universally adored teacher. Unlike my crusty information-keeping habits, he openly shares his wealth of experience on issues from personal housekeeping to commercial real estate. He is respectful to every student, and his about descriptions and LinkedIn bely that he is extremely experienced and educated, including with 5 degrees. In addition to a Harvard law and financial background, his knowledge and helpfulness is critical especially for advice and guidance compared to from consultants and lawyers who would normally cost multiple the education fee.

He strangely reminds me of my managerial accounting professor who unfaultedly gave me a B+. Both have academic and professional capabilities, but Dee is farther along that I think he could retire if he wanted to. This means that he mostly teaches out of passion as he rightfully said that he instructs for a reasonable fee rather than to a limited college audience that is charged $5,000 a class.

He is genuinely committed as seen in the student-favoring policies like class retaking if failed, informal drop-ins, and availability of contact.

Interestingly, Dee is also quite the Renaissance man with a musical background. Despite his understated success in all these endeavors, he is kind and modest.

A few entertaining real estate stories involve how the Wang YMCA was bought at a deep discount, Donald Trump, and title issues with a "crazy old lady."

I strongly recommend the Host Group and have nothing but accolades on top of the ones it already deservedly earned, although I would be skeptical if there are too many new agents. I will take the exam on 5/29.