To break this into digestible storybook format, every page number is listed for easy access along with descriptions of my baby's development. You may find hidden writing treasures like from binge shopping at T.J. Maxx.

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Page 15 - After tarot cards and MBTA exasperation, I took a 2-year hiatus to focus on real life and only wrote in private. Now I'm back in 2018 with a different writing style and focus on Twitter since no one wants to read my long-ass posts
Page 14 - Beginning of the night photos era of my failures. "Back 2 School" comedy and artistic ranting
Page 13 - More food, when I decided to get a real estate license for some reason, and "The Mysterious Author"
Page 12 - Lots of beautiful pictures and snarky comments about a cruise to Bermuda, ZeroHedge, and a blueberry farm
Page 11 - 2 apocalypticism essays, more food and music
Page 10 - Food, "Asian Grandma Hoarding," and Asians driving
Page 9 - Weird, high-quality posts on subjects like TV and Jackie Kennedy
Page 8 - Updates, "Northeastern Memories: Smokers," and "Tyrell and the Scientific Businessman"
Page 7 - Thoughts on memories and politics
Page 6 - The beginning of my blog's black and white "Golden Age." Packing up and leaving school after a year
Page 5 - Musings on beautiful people, blogging, China, and a poem
Page 4 - When I started getting more interesting. Asians, the trouble with LinkedIn, and more Blade Runner
Page 3 - Posts about foreign music, finals, Blade Runner, and the technological future
Page 2 - When I first started blogging mostly about nerdy, boring school things. Includes "Dark Poetry" and "Ode to Windows"
Page 1 - Mostly backdated administrative pages and design principles, nothing interesting to see here