My Study Method

As a bad joke, a friend in a supply chain study group suggested that I publish a book on my apparently effective study methods so I can become independently made and court a particular someone. It would even have a cheesy name like “the Dickson He study method” in the schema of “Marlon Brando’s method acting,” but it would definitely not be as interesting as Hillary Clinton’s “Alinsky method."

Anyways, since I’m such an altruistic person, I’ll reveal the juicy and relevant details for free.

Reading – A large component involves actually reading the assigned chapters before class, but I understand that sitting down and reading can be a contest against distraction and constitute a generally unhealthy and inactive behavior. Also, many people are not able to set aside the mountainous amounts of time for reading due to some dubious reason. Therefore, it is much more beneficial for me to read at the gym on a tablet while doing a convenient cardio like biking. This “75% skimming” or rough read-through registers the information in the brain and gives an overview for class to solidify the information. (Yes, according to psychology memory requires repetition ideally in different situations.)

Notes – In line with the new mobility, cloud computing, and other buzzwords, I don’t take notes except to focus in class as having too many notes are inconvenient, and I am sometimes literally too lazy to lift a pencil and deal with eraser scraps.

Testing – This leads to the inevitable purpose of studying, at least for many people: quizzes and exams. These controversial performance benchmarks a la “No Child Left Behind” often require review. In this case, I review the headings, chapter summaries, and, most importantly, the bolded vocabulary words that overpriced textbook manufacturers better include on the side. A majority of curricular learning falls under conceptual or mechanistic calculation, and what better review is there for concepts than bolded vocabulary words and formulas? It hasn’t changed much from the 6th grade.

Conclusion – This has worked for the first year and will hopefully continue to be effective; although I usually do not have the highest grade and may be genetically blessed to remember boring things, I do not claim to be the best student. However, I am diligent in completing my assignments. This concludes my supersonic, sardonic, but transparent studying overview.