Grace Lee Boggs, Humanism, and “The Paradox of Our Time”

I felt like penning this today at Northeastern’s Snell library at 5:00 AM in the company of a few dozen other nocturnal strangers. Odd hours, which accommodate my schedule and preference, are a great and inevitable time to get pensive!

It is important to have a disclaimer that I am not an academic; I am someone majoring in accounting and finance. Therefore, I have not been exposed to much of Grace Lee Boggs’ work besides assigned chapters and a documentary in the Asian American experience class.

Nonetheless, I find her grassroots call for humanism fascinating in the evolution of today’s society. She is clearly a remarkable person who lived through epochs. I cannot comment on her ideological preferences, but humanism is the important consideration.

This is related to a beautiful, concise, and piercing article called “The Paradox of Our Time.” It is one of my favorite, and I’ll likely refer to it more in the future. I have scant time to read what people normally consider for pleasure, so I no longer have the chance to digest substantially beyond textbooks and business materials, which I still find mostly interesting. However, the lasting relevance of the 16-year-old article questions surviving the contradictions of society. Is daily life merely an adaptation within a built framework?

In hindsight, I am glad that I got exposure to psychology that grants some context in interpreting the myriad of lifestyle advice in the media.

Back to reality, it is near finals week, and there is a certain calm at the library at this hour, which is certainly becoming an increasingly popular destination in my opinion due to information asymmetry and the herd effect with other people wanting to study at the library but not fully aware that is very full. This makes me wonder, how human am I to be here alone at this hour?