Foreign Music

I have encountered select songs in a variety of languages. Most songs are extremely obscure and situational, such as discovering Mylene Farmer's "L' Histoire d'Une Fee, C'Est..." in Rugrats in Paris. As such, the music may not be as interesting to someone without the experience of constantly replaying the VHS movie. 

The bulk of my foreign music is Japanese from an old mainstream anime obsession, and certain songs like "Moments" by Ayumi Hamasaki invoke the clash between its ostensible umbrella of J-pop and the poetic-seeming lyrics reminiscent of old Japan, at least according to English translations. I like the Chinese "The Moon Represents My Heart" by Teresa Teng and the hip and modern Cantonese "Monica" by Leslie Cheung. There is the Spanish version of Cher's "Believe" ("Creer" by Marcela Morelo) and the classic German "Ode to Joy." This list is by no means exhaustive especially considering an old fling with obscure foreign films from the local library whose soundtrack fills the background; there are several other languages not mentioned.

Like the incorporating Cityspeak and mysterious Middle Eastern singing in Blade Runner, there are perceivable and recognizable musical styles that may be stereotypical of a culture. Even if I don't understand them, I strongly enjoy the enchanting sounds of different cultures. In reality, the meaning might be more appealing and alluring to foreigners than those who actually understand the language; in part, the fuzzy, near-poetic English translations give world perspectives through music meant for people to enjoy.