You may not know this, but most writers are broke unless they are famous or perverts. Not only are they already broke, books are hard to sell, and rapacious publishers know that there are already too many books with not enough time to read them all.

To make selling 7 copies a year even worse, some people are pirates, and not the sexy one-eyed kind from Somalia. I understand that there needs to a balance between getting paid for creativity and sharing work to a larger audience through piracy.

Therefore, considering these conditions, most writing is done by annoying rich people. I try to keep a day job to write on the outskirts of the day. Everything is so expensive, so your donations are very appreciated and helpful. If a lot of people donated only a little, then there would be a tsunami of new words and bad tweets for a very long time.

I hope that you found a modicum of value from my writing. If you choose to donate, thank you!