Dark Poetry

So besides accounting, real estate, and the like, sometimes I have the hobby of writing dark poetry when I can't sleep. Like 98% of the amateur poetry written and on the Internet, it's pretty bad, and I'm not expecting encouragement like, "Oh, it's great, keep it up," but merely an outlet for me to indulge in this peculiarity.

Contrasts #1

Through towering skyscrapers and deep ravines
There is a disparity of madness, anger, and greed
There are periods of mania, gluttony, and feast
Dotted by periods of privation, starvation, and need
The witch who is hung says, "Why me?"
Among cries lost in history
Happiness and sadness
Are two sides of the same peace


A solitary scarecrow
In a field formerly green
Stands untouched, forgotten, and inanimate
Limp in the dark night
Do other people give things meaning?